More Whinging about CloudAtCost

I’ve written about my love/hate relationship with CloudAtCost before here and here. In essence, I like the low cost but hate the poor reliability.

At one time I had seven web sites up and running on servers bought from CloudAtCost, including this one. But over a period of weeks and months they all failed for one reason or another. Some of the failures could be fixed with a ticket to tech support. Others could not and required rebuilding the server, re-installing software, changing DNS, and so on. And it doesn’t get any better. I’ve had more “traditional” sites that have been up for years without any downtime except for scheduled maintenance.

I think the CloudAtCost business model is to sell some resources that are so crappy people just eventually give up. That way, they never really have to provide the capabilities that have been paid for perpetuity.

Conclusion? It’s just too expensive and time-consuming to keep a server up and running with CloudAtCost. It’s great for quick setup and tear down for experimentation, but you shouldn’t use it for anything important.