Is My Hosting Service a Scam

As this is written, this blog is hosted on a server I bought from CloudAtCost. (Update 16 Aug 2017 This site is no longer hosted there.) This site sells or rents cloud servers for very low prices. As you might guess, a lot of people have jumped on, including many people (like myself) who just wanted to experiment with their own server for such a low cost.

With such a high number of newbies, there was a lot of need for support, as you would expect. Since the company is so new, there was not a lot of support. And things tended to go wrong for people – a lot. As a result, people began to question whether it was a real company or someone who just took their money for nothing.

In my own case, the first time I tried to image my brand spanking new server, it wouldn’t spin up. I tried for days. There is almost no documentation on the site and attempts to contact service went unanswered.

Eventually, I got my system re-imaged and started my configuration and installations. I actually did a lot of my configuration following guides at Digital Ocean. There is still virtually no documentation on the CloudAtCost site other than some community information in the customer service area.

A lot of businesses like this are set up to run with virtually no interaction with customers. That’s fine, if that’s what you want, but when things go wrong, you should expect a lot of nasty, negative commentary in the community.

So, is it a scam? No, not at all. It’s just a small company with a great idea going through growing pains. Even in the short time I’ve been with them, I’ve seen improvements. No reason to expect it will stop.