More Note-Taking Goodness - Collate

Last time, I wrote about some of the really nice note-taking apps available nowadays. Since then, I’ve come across another great one I just had to tell you about: Collate. It has just about everything I could want. I’ll let you read about all of its features on its web site, but some of the things I like most include: It’s cross-platform, capable of running on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

An Embarrassment of Riches for Note-Taking

Ever since dumping Evernote, I’ve been looking at alternative note-taking apps. I’ve been usingtiddlywiki, but, surprisingly, it has grown a bit slow. Probably from the sheer volume of notes that I’ve imported from Evernote. Maybe time to look some more? I’ve also been writing a lot of program documentation in Markdown. I like the wiki format just fine, but it seems like Markdown can do more. Both markup languages have a plethora of dialects, usually incompatible.

My Favorite Pens

Sure, this is a technology site, but sometimes you have to get a little retro. That is the case for my preferences in note-taking. I tend to do a fair amount of writing into paper notebooks. To do that, I use a pen. Fountain pens are pretty pieces of art, but too messy and fiddly. Ballpoints are OK, but feel a little harsh as you write. Roller balls are OK too, except the quality of the ink is a bit “smeary” for my tastes.