Windows, rsync and permissions

Just a short note on mixing Linux utilities with Windows. I wanted to set up a single button deployment of updates to a static web site. I had been using an rsync script, but it required me to manually enter authentication credentials every time it was used to send updates to a remote Ubuntu server. I set up public key authentication, but it would not work with the permissions of the key files on the Windows machine where the updates were coming from.

River5 on Windows

As you know, I’m a big fan of Dave Winer and his River of News aggregators. His recent River5 is particularly nice.

(Update: 17 Mar 2018. Although these notes discuss setting up River5 on a virtual server, I have used these instructions to set it up on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B sitting on my desk. It has been running for months without issue. In fact, it’s more reliable than my CloudAtCost rented server ever was.)

I’ve already posted about installing on a CloudAtCost server running Ubuntu. But it seems some folks are running into difficulty installing on Windows. It’s easy and works like a dream. Here’s how.

My Windows 10 Update Experience

Just like millions of others, I tried the free upgrade to Windows 10. I waited a few weeks after it was available before trying it, just to see what the early fallout was before committing myself. It was pretty much a disaster.

On my system it was

  • Too buggy
  • Too slow
  • Too nosy

Tidying up the Ubuntu Grub2 Boot Menu

My wife and I share a computer that dual boots Ubuntu Linux and Windows. Too, when we upgrade computers, I tend to take the hard drive(s) from the old computer to the new computer. The boot menus created by the grub2 program can be a bit confusing for the uninitiated. As kernel updates are added, the list gets longer. The old Windows drive appears in the list, as well as the recovery partitions that manufacturers often put on Windows drives. In the normal course of things the Windows menu items can get pushed out of view at the bottom of the screen.

“Where’s the Windows menu item!?” “Which of all these Windows choices is the right one?”

Not a happy situation.

In the interests of domestic harmony (and to assure that a Windows recovery partition is not booted inadvertently), a little clean up is required.

Windows Update Trashed My Computer -- AGAIN!

Ever since the purchase of a nice new system running Windows 7 Professional, I have been plagued by periodic system crashes. Crashes that make the system unstable and that finally make it unbootable. And it’s all the fault of Windows Update.