Proofreading: I am Humbled

Often, when reading blogs, I am struck by the number of misspellings, incorrect word usages, bad grammar, and so on. But the experience of transferring this blog from other systems to it’s current home has been an eye opener. I proofread my posts, usually multiple times. However, in doing so I was struck by the number of misspellings, incorrect word usages, bad grammar, and so on. I am humbled (in the real sense of the word.

My Windows 10 Update Experience

Just like millions of others, I tried the free upgrade to Windows 10. I waited a few weeks after it was available before trying it, just to see what the early fallout was before committing myself. It was pretty much a disaster.

On my system it was

  • Too buggy
  • Too slow
  • Too nosy

Favorite Programming Books

Every programmer seems to have their own list of favorite programming books. The lists are very personal and seem to be influenced by the age of the programmer, their training, and their field of endeavor. My own list follows.

Old Programmers

Seems like I’ve been reading a lot of conversation about when you become too old to be a good programmer. I’ve even seen someone ask, with apparent sincerity, if 26 was too old. Of course anyone with any sense realizes that the answer is “Never!” As I’ve watched how my own performance has changed over the years, there have been a few obvious changes. I am way less likely to chase after the “shiny new thing”.

Friendly Incompetence or Evil Conspiracy

As regular readers know, there have been “issues” with my computer, a relatively new Falcon Northwest Talon. Their service representatives were never able to solve a relatively simple problem. Were they actually unable to do so or did they choose not to? This computer has generally been excellent. But there have been issues with it regularly. I believe the first was precipitated by Microsoft Update and was not at all the fault of the computer.

Vacuum Cleaners - A Rant

This is really something unrelated to most of the content here, but I have to get something off my chest. You would think that after more than a century of engineering effort vacuums cleaners would be a solved problem. Sadly, that is not the case.