Another Program I'd Like to Find or Write

As I’ve mentioned before, I use several cloud storage services. However, being a cheap bastard, I have only signed up for free accounts up to now. That means I have lots of little bits of storage scattered here and there (although recently Box gave me 50GB free and my Copy account has risen to 25GB). But that means having to keep track of where I put certain things. It sure would be nice to have a program that would aggregate all these little pieces into a single thing.

Cloud Storage at Copy

Update Copy was discontinued on 1 May 2016. I use the Cloud very simply, nothing elaborate. I use BitBucket(Now I use HelixTeamHub cloud.) to keep track of my repositories. I use DropBox to store copies of scientific publications and Fargo outlines. For important stuff, I use SpiderOak because of its great security model. I think I have an iCloud account somewhere. That’s it. This morning, I’ve been playing with a new service called Copy.