Blogging Friction (part 2)

Ironically, after posting about “Blogging Friction”, I took a break from blogging at all for awhile.

When it came time that there was something I wanted to post about again, things didn’t work.

Yet again, things had changed on GitHub and GitHub Pages. First GitHub stopped allowing access via passwords. You had to move to SSH access. Then, for GitHub Pages, you had to add “Deploy Tokens”, another kind of SSH token.

Now, I’m no expert on SSH, but I have been using it for years to protect access to various things like server administration, etc.

I’ve always handled things on the command line.

But this blog is really in two parts: the static site generated by Hugo, and a submodule containing the raw content as a bunch of Markdown files. Now each piece required a “Deploy Token”.

Added those. Didn’t work. Fooled around with it for days.

Turns out my general GitHub access token got munged somewhere. Generated new tokens. Didn’t work. Oops. Had to fix something in my SSH config. Finally fixed it. (And you’re seeing this.)

But geez! Makes me want to stop blogging again.

Oh, and Hugo is complaining about a missing template file that I am looking right at!