Setting Up Remote Repositories for Mercurial

With the recent announcement that Bitbucket is “sunsetting” Mercurial support, I’ve been looking at ways of hosting remote copies of my repositories on my own.

In the short term, I have just cloned my repositories from Bitbucket onto a Raspberry Pi 4 sitting behind my home desktop. I use Pi to run a River of News aggregator for my family. It has plenty of capacity for a task like this.

The steps described below are simple but assume that you have SSH access to the remote system.

Starting in my home directories on both machines:

On the Remote

Initialize a repository where you want to place your clone.

mkdir projects/my-project-repository
cd projects/my-project-repository
hg init

On the Local

cd projects/my-project-repository

If there is an hgrc file in the .hgrc subdirectory, add/change the default line in the [paths] section:

default = ssh://[email protected]:1234//home/user/projects/my-project-repository

where 1234 is the port number you use for SSH access if it is different from the default value of 22.


hg push ssh://[email protected]:1234//home/user/projects/my-project-repository

You could actually just do an hg push if you updated the default path in your hgrc file.

On the Remote

hg update tip

Rinse and repeat.

For now, I’ve moved all of my repositories to the Pi and deleted the private ones from Bitbucket. I’ll leave the public ones in place until Bitbucket decides to delete them.