The Best Coffee Roasters

There was an article that I came across recently that listed the 25 “best” coffee roasters in America. The report included lots of companies I had never heard of and only a few of the ones I believe rank up there with the best.

As you may know, I have some opinions about coffee, mostly that it is about flavor, not caffeine. Also, I strongly prefer specific methods of preparation to others. So, here are my opinions on the subject. My opinions are often based on a single coffee that I have tried from the vendor.

Allegro Coffee

Allegro is a sentimental favorite for me. Long ago, my wife and I had a subscription to Gevalia coffee. It was Ok. Certainly better than we could pick up in the supermarket. Then, we got hold of a couple of bags of one of Allegro’s offerings, the Kenyan. That was a revelation to me. That is what started me looking into what good coffee could be.

Since then, the Kenyan has disappeared periodically – don’t know why. But when they have it, it is still a good choice.

Counter Culture

This is another more historical choice. Counter Culture has some regularly available blends and also has some single-origin coffees that change periodically. My favorite is “Apollo” reflecting my strong preference for African coffees. It’s a single origin that is always available, but tasting notes change with the seasons.

Red Rooster

Initially, I tried this Red Rooster because they are local. They have several blends that are always available. None of them are spectacular in my opinion. However, they also have some single-origin coffees. As usual, they change regularly. I have had a few duds, but most are quite nice. Some are spectacular.

I’m glad to see a local company doing well.

Equal Exchange

The local natural foods co-op that I belong to sells coffee from the Equal Exchange Coop. They produce blends and “origins” – coffee from a single country or region, not necessarily from a single farm or small coop. They are nicely priced and available in multiple sizes, even at retail. Of course, the one that got my notice several years ago was the Ethiopian. Its taste varies a bit by season and year​ but has always been pleasant.