Moving Away from Collate Notes

Collate Notes has received my praise in the past. I even paid for it. Shortly after that unusual event, development seems to have stopped. And it still has numerous shortcomings. The most annoying problem is that periodically, it says my trial period has run out, and I need to enter the activation code (again). And since it’s closed-source, I have no recourse but to submit bugs and make feature requests to a developer who seems to have gone silent.

So, what to do?

After some research, I’ve decided to move to Joplin.

  • It’s open source. (Icky JavaScript of course.)
  • It uses Markdown for formatting.
  • It does math typesetting. (Just like CWiki.)
  • It does a flawless import of Evernote notes.
  • There is an excellent web clipper.

The only problems I can come up with are:

  • The use mentioned above of JavaScript and that whole ecosystem.
  • It can’t seem to generate a table of contents using the typical methods available in Markdown. See [[How to Make a Table of Contents]] for example.‚Äč