New Blogging Setup

It’s been a bit of a slog, but things should be up and running again. The transition was a bit harder than expected.

Here are some things you should know:

  • The site is generated by the Hugo static site generator.
  • The site uses a trivial modification of the very pleasant Blackburn theme. There are still some kinks I want to work out, but it is very useful overall.
  • The repository for the site is on GitHub here and is generated from the information in the repository here. These are my only two repositories on GitHub at the moment.
  • The site is hosted on GitHub Pages using a custom domain.
  • The site is served through a free Cloudflare account.

I’ve gone through and checked for broken links a few times now. Several passes. So that means there are probably still a dozen that are broken. Hah.

Even though the link to thig blog is to an HTTPS server from Cloudflare, the path from GitHub to Cloudflare is not served over a secure connection.

For whatever reason, GitHub pages cannot serve a site with a custom domain over HTTPS. It’s kinda weird that they don’t since other companies that offer free accounts can provide HTTPS and Let’s Encrypt certificates, like the free accounts at Wordpress.

Maybe someday.