First Light

First light with a new blogging platform.

My hosting vendors have been playing games with me. They offer terrific prices to new customers to start using them. But the loyal folks who have been using them for years get nothing – except maybe a price increase. Not cool.

So, I’m looking into hosting my blog for free on GitHub Pages. It even provides HTTPS out of the box. No configuring certificates or any of that stuff.

I’m playing with the Hexo static site generator and its going well. (It feels a little odd though. I don’t have many repositories on GitHub. I use Mercurial on BitBucket mostly. So it all feels new.)

There were a few bumps at the start related to unclear documentation on configuration, but those problems are behind me now. Now to start moving posts from my other blog sites and using a nicer looking theme.

So now, everything older than today’s date is an import from an older blog somewhere else. As such, you might see similar posts made just a few days apart. They were originally posted on different blog sites. Now they are all here. Need to get on with fixing the links and so on.

(Update 2018-03-12: Well, that didn’t last too long. Now I’m using Hugo)