Rant About JavaFX Ecosystem

Feeling a bit frustrated today, so I thought I would just vent a bit.

I’ve been working on some personal tools. I see some things in other tools that I would like to include in my own. I keep finding that those features that I like are written in JavaScript with that whole mess of an ecosystem. When I look for something similar in Java/JavaFX I find next to nothing.

Why is that? Java is supposed to be the most popular programming language in the world. Tons of programmers working on it for many years. And yet it doesn’t seem to have as many flashy things written.

I don’t always want a web-based thing. Don’t want a half-gigabtye Electron app either.

Maybe there are more Java programmers, but more enthusiastic JavaScript programmers.

I often feel the same way when working in Lisp or Clojure. Working with a demonstrably better language but not getting as far as quickly as someone working with a crap language.

End of rant.