I Am So Over HD

Many years ago, back in 2009, during an infrequent upgrade of my desktop computer, I finally bought an HD monitor, actually, slightly better than HD at a resolution of 1920x1200 pixels. My reaction was along the lines of “Ooooh! Pretty!”. It was a big 27" unit. Easy to view, lots of screen real estate. Very clear text rendering.

I thought I was set forever.

Since then, I’ve purchased a few Apple products with Retina displays. The new 9.7" iPad Pro’s for example. They look so much better.

As I’ve gotten used to the Retina displays over the past few years, when I use the HD monitor, it looks kinda fuzzy and shabby. I can’t stand it. I have to get something better. Maybe a system with a 5K Apple display. Whenever I can afford or justify it. Progress just makes me spend more money.

(Update 2018-03-10: I recently replaced my Windows computer with a 5K iMac Pro. Oh, what a difference.)