Cataract Surgery

Medical procedures are not always completely satisfactory. However, from my own experience, cataract surgery can be extremely beneficial.

Last year, vision in one of my eyes was becoming quite blurry. Vision in the other eye was deteriorating as well. I’ve known for years that I had small cataracts in one eye even though I am relatively young. (I blame chemotherapy several years ago, but who really knows.)

A visit to the ophthalmologist confirmed that my cataracts were growing rather quickly. It was driving me nuts too. So we set up surgery for both eyes about two weeks apart.

Because my vision was so bad even before the cataracts, there were lots of measurements to be taken for the type of implant I was to receive. The surgery itself was a breeze. I was awake the whole time. Even though you are awake with someone scraping and cutting away at your eye, with the drugs they give you, you really don’t care. It was all over in just a few minutes.

Recovery was pretty quick. For both eyes, I was able to drive myself to my follow-up appointments the next day. My eyes were really itchy for about two days following surgery and there was a regimen of drops to take for several weeks.

My vision is now 20/20 with no trace of the terrible astigmatism I had. I do now need reading glasses for close up work, but the cheap dime store “readers” are just fine. No fancy expensive prescriptions needed. (I can now wear cool, overpriced sunglasses if I want. Woohoo!)

This was such a good experience, I can’t recommend it enough if you happen to need it.