OS Updates

I’ll admit it — I’m afraid of updates to the operating system. I fear them on Linux. I loathe them on Windows. iOS messes with basic behavior like battery life and network access. I don’t use OS X at the moment, so won’t comment on it here.

I am currently using Window 7 Pro, 64-bit. It’s been a few months since an update has bitten me, but that hasn’t always been the case. Right after I bought my Windows system, Windows Update would regularly put the system in an unusable state. It had something to do with mistaking a USB 3.0 device for a network card. It would always take me precious time to restore from backup to get the system running again. I finally stopped allowing Windows to update the driver and did it manually myself.

Linux has been a little better, but has it’s quirks too. For me, most seem to be related to the sound system. Some updates killed sound completely. Others restore correct operation.

I know operating systems can be complicated things, but jeesh! It is such a pain when an OS shoots itself in the foot.