Cloud Storage at Copy

Update Copy was discontinued on 1 May 2016.

I use the Cloud very simply, nothing elaborate. I use BitBucket (Now I use HelixTeamHub cloud.) to keep track of my repositories. I use DropBox to store copies of scientific publications and Fargo outlines. For important stuff, I use SpiderOak because of its great security model. I think I have an iCloud account somewhere. That’s it.

This morning, I’ve been playing with a new service called Copy. It is very much like DropBox but starts you out with much more storage, 15GB instead of 2GB. And you can get bonus space by referring other users. For example, if you click the link above and sign up, we will both get an extra 5GB. If you get a few of your friends to sign up, that can add up to a lot of extra space.

If you share items with other people, Copy splits the charges equally amongst all the folks being shared with. For example, if there is 30GB of data being shared by three people, each is charged for only 10GB. Nice.

If you want more storage than you can get for free, you can sign up for a couple of levels of paid service. The rates aren’t bad.

There is an API for deploying apps against. Still reading, but it looks reasonable.

Not really sure yet about the security aspects and other details (is storage versioned? storing only diffs? what happens to deleted data?) But things don’t look too different than DropBox.

The only problem that I’ve had with the service is that the Windows version of the application will not recognize my user name and password. The web and iPad app have no problems. Haven’t tried the Linux client yet.

Overall, this seems like a very nice addition to the cloud storage space.