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Arizona, where I live, has a lot of very photogenic scenery. I am by no means a very talented photographer, but with all the opportunities around here, every once in a while, even I manage to snap a nice image.

As this is written (Update 2017-08-20: Long ago using a different blog engine.), this blog has a light photographic background with a blue sky, white clouds, a view off into the distance, and (if your browser window is big enough) an evergreen branch intruding from the upper right. That background image was taken at one of the scenic overlooks on the road from Tucson to Summerhaven on 24 October 2010. The road runs up into the Santa Catalina Mountains. This view is looking East. I believe the town visible in the image is Redington Arizona. Someplace I have now seen, but never visited.

Here’s a smaller version of the entire image: