So, Dr. Clark. We meet again!

Well, here we are again. You, me, and WordPress. It seems like I go through this setup a lot. Over the years, I’ve tried other blogging platforms, and even toyed with the idea of creating one of my own for fun like one of my heroes, Brian Carper (Broken Link). But I just keep coming back here. Why do I ever leave?

There are really a couple of reasons. I do this a lot because of hardware and backup failures. At those times, since I’ve pretty much lost everything, I decide to give one of the other systems a try. And it usually goes ok for a while. But eventually, dissatisfaction creeps in. For example, my most recent foray was into Drupal. I really liked Drupal but was continually frustrated by problems with formatting source code. The crazy combination of editor plugins and highlighter plugins and all the version problems just got me fed up one day. So, here I am again.

Another reason is that WordPress just feels so comfortable to me now. I’m back again. Maybe I’ll stay. Maybe I’ll host this on a real web server with a backup routine that works.