More Whinging about CloudAtCost

I’ve written about my love/hate relationship with CloudAtCost before here and here. In essence, I like the low cost but hate the poor reliability. At one time I had seven web sites up and running on servers bought from CloudAtCost, including this one. But over a period of weeks and months they all failed for one reason or another. Some of the failures could be fixed with a ticket to tech support.

Why This Blog Disappeared for a Few Days

Those of you who visit this site regularly may have noticed that is has been down for a few days. Here’s why. About a week ago, I attempted to reboot the server after applying a few updates. It wouldn’t come back up. As I’ve written before, this site is hosted on CloudAtCost. Sorry to say that it is a regular occurrence for servers not to reboot. Usually, I can just file a ticket and get help in a day or so.

I Am So Over HD

Many years ago, back in 2009, during an infrequent upgrade of my desktop computer, I finally bought an HD monitor, actually, slightly better than HD at a resolution of 1920x1200 pixels. My reaction was along the lines of “Ooooh! Pretty!”. It was a big 27” unit. Easy to view, lots of screen real estate. Very clear text rendering. I thought I was set forever. Since then, I’ve purchased a few Apple products with Retina displays.