Dropbox Can Break Windows 10 Start Menu

The first time I tried to install Windows 10, I had to revert to 7 because the Start Menu started producing Critical Errors. Naturally, I searched the web for solutions. None worked, including the suggestions made by Microsoft about using a particular sequence of logins, checking system files for corruption, and creating a new user and transferring all my data to the new user account. Eventually, I came across this link to a post of possible solutions containing the usual stuff, but someone also mentioned that their system started working correctly once they removed Dropbox.

What's Broken Today

Like most days, I got up ready to tackle a bunch of problems and features on some of the software I work on. But, as is often the case, I was stymied by technical problems and got almost nothing done. The problems? None of the JetBrains IDEs that I use could open a working terminal window. For most work, these are my tools of choice for programming tasks. Without a terminal, I can get by, but it isn’t as convenient or fast.

How this Blog Disappeared (and Reappeared) Again

Some of you may have noticed that this blog disappeared again for awhile. It was on purpose this time. As I noted in an earlier post, getting WordPress to work on this host has been a bit of a chore. I got tired of doing updates and installs of plugins and such manually. It was not particularly hard, just tiresome. And then some warnings about particularly nasty XSS bugs appeared. At that time, I took the blog offline until I had some time to deal with things.


Now, I love WordPress. It’s easy to use and easy to administer. Except when it isn’t. I run multiple sites on multiple servers. For the most part, they are trouble free. Except one site. This site. (Update 16 Aug 2017: This was referring to my site on CloudAtCost.) You see, I can’t seem to load plugins or new themes or updates for some reason. I run the same OS (Ubuntu 14.