No More Disqus

Man, I am so fed up with companies that insist on tracking me. Disqus has a great commenting system. Great features. Widely used. But they track you, building a pretty detailed profile, which they sell. They do it me and you if you comment on this site. Without telling either of us. So, Disqus is out.

Something New. Comments!

Well, it’s been a long time coming and I’m still a little unsure about it, but starting now, this site will allow comments. I’ve explained why I didn’t allow them before, but I’m adding Disqus-powered discussions to the blog. We’ll see how that goes. If everything that comes in is just spam, I’ll disable comments again. If comments are useful, civil and on topic, they will remain. And we’ll see if anyone thinks any of this stuff is interesting enough to comment on in the first place.

Why No Comments?

There are two primary reasons that comments are not enabled on this site. These are just notes I write to myself. They don’t get much attention other than when I want to remind myself of something. It wouldn’t be fair to solicit comments and then just ignore them. Comment spam. Related to the above, I just don’t check in often enough and would not effectively moderate and eliminate spam. This does not mean that the site will never be opened up to comments.