The Best Coffee Roasters

There was an article that I came across recently that listed the 25 “best” coffee roasters in America. The report included lots of companies I had never heard of and only a few of the ones I believe rank up there with the best. As you may know, I have some opinions about coffee, mostly that it is about flavor, not caffeine. Also, I strongly prefer specific methods of preparation to others.

Coffee Storage

I know, this is quite a “First World” kind of problem isn’t it. Nevertheless… As I’ve written before, I like coffee. I probably spend too much on the beans as well. So, there is a need to store them correctly to maintain the best flavor for as long as possible. The Problem Coffee has three major enemies: Light Air (specifically, the oxygen in the air) Moisture There’s also one more wrinkle to deal with.

I Drink Coffee Because it Tastes Good

Seems like there have been a lot of posts recently about folks using coffee to optimize their energy or alertness levels. That’s just trying to use coffee as some sort of mind-altering drug. That’s wrong. You should drink coffee because you think it tastes good. That’s why I drink it. How I Got Here Like most people, I was introduced to coffee by my parents. They drank it and I watched.